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    Ivy P. Kiele

    Hi all,

    Rose talked about being a human being and having different personalities in the User Management Lesson. That is quiet interesting. It reminds of the time when I was working with an NGO, where I had to learn different personality types using the Aussie Identity. I had to learn it because I was working in team and I had to understand my team mates and how to interact with each of them. I also read about Myers Briggs Trait Indicator (MBTI) and got more insight into peoples personalities. Me and my team mates worked with people in remote villages of Papua New Guinea, and this has also helped me to interact with people, who are illiterate. Effective communication comes in play here for me to understand the villagers and for the villagers to understand me in order for us to work together to achieve their goals and the organization’s (NGO) goal.

    I am currently working as a trainer and by knowing and understanding the different MBTI Types, I am interacting well with each trainee and also I know and understand my strengths and weaknesses and how best I can utilize my strengths to help my trainees learn all they can with the time given for each session.

    Please do share, if you had utilize the idea of personality types in relation to your work?

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