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    I am unable to access my drafts and post on my website.
    Could anyone help with that please.

    Thanks a lot.


    Hi Chandni,

    Can you please tell how did you try to search your drafts and posts so that we can look into it further?

    Did you try to locate posts and drafts under:
    My Site – Blog Posts – Drafts
    or under
    WP Admin – Dashboard – Posts – All Posts – Drafts.

    If you have tried the above, can you not see your posts at all?

    Also make sure that you are logged in as an admin to the website.

    Also, can you share the website’s URL.


    Hi Vinny,

    Thanks for your response. I have tried to reach my posts and drafts in my dashboard.

    My site-Manage-Blog posts.

    I am unable to see my posts at all. I can only see the number of Drafts and Posts but not the post. It says you havent created any content yet.

    The link is here : https://wordpress.com/posts/happy-customer.support


    Hi Chandni,

    I can not see posts and drafts on that link either. I believe we can not access those posts due to permission settings since those are the next lessons that aren’t available for us yet.



    Even I can’t access it. I think our roles just don’t have the access to it (yet).


    Hi Nazrina and Vinny,

    Thanks for your responses. I thought I was the only one :p.


    @chandnissirohi Sorry if our instructions were not clear, but we’d like all course participants to make these posts on their own WordPress sites, and not on the project site.

    I’ve copied the content from the Draft Posts you’ve created on the course site, and emailed them to you, so you can post them on your own site!

    cc @khushbudesaiblog as you’ve created some Draft Posts on the project site as well. Let me know if you would like them emailed to you!


    Thank you so much Mahangu. I will read the instructions more carefully hence forth.


    Hello mahagnu,
    I would like to have my posts by email. Please send me those posts.


    Done! ✅

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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