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    What’s the Slack channel “Slack channel: wordpress-workshop on the Support Driven Slack.” that appears on the left side bar of the page.

    I clicked on the link and it asks me to sign in but I am not able to.

    Can someone help me here?


    Hi Vinni,

    You can join Support Driven Slack from here and after that you can join that Slack’s channels. Though I didn’t find #wordpress-workshop channel in Support Driven Slack.

    @Deborah – Can you please help us?

    PJ Yeo

    Hi Vinni,

    You will have to fill up the form on this page –
    After filling up the form, you will receive a link to join the slack community.

    I didn’t find the #wordpress-workshop channel either! There is a #u-wordpress channel though.



    Thanks PJ and khushboo. I am able to sign in now. But didn’t get the wordpress-workshop though.

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    Deborah Beckett

    Hey folks! When you complete Lesson 4 of the first unit (Develop your support philosophy) you will be prompted to create a Slack account and send me a DM through Slack. That way I will have your username and I can add you to #wordpress-workshop which is a private channel just for this course. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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