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    Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well. It’s nice to see you all. I am Afsana from India, working as a Customer Support Executive. I enjoy working with WordPress and giving back to the community. I do love volunteering in different ways.

    And I am here to learn more about customer support and effective communication with you all. It was needed and so glad to be here. 🙂

    Thank you Support Driven team, Automattic and Deborah for an amazing opportunity to grow together 🙂

    Here is the link to my page:-


    Hi everyone, I am Trang from Vietnam. I aspire to be a story-teller my site is in Vietnamese. I mostly find story works best in the young Vietnamese community with a sense of honoring past asthetics, past memories. I am interested in learning new ways to tell stories


    Hello everyone!
    I am Ravisha from india. I have been using WordPress for past 1year and my blog is
    Looking forward to learn customer support and working with you all.


    Hello everyone!

    I am Lorenzo, from Italy. I am a teacher and a freelance developer and sometimes I do some Copywriting since I like to write.
    This is my website:
    My Github:

    Nice to meet all of you!


    Hi everybody!

    My Name is Markus, I live in Austria. I have been working as an IT consulting with a focus on webdesign and digital marketing for the past ~10 years. Right now I am participating in the training for WordPress support agents.

    My business website is (it is written in German).


    Hello there

    My name is Sebastian Carreras, I am a computer engineer work at a university developing software and giving support. Also, Work as Spanish Support Agent at Automattic. I am looking to improve my support skill.

    Thanks for having me and nice to meet all.


    Hi everybody, My name is Aschna Lieveld.
    I live is Suriname and I’m a proud mom who loves to help others.
    Most of my life I have lived on a farm and I love animals.

    Here is the link to my page:
    (It needs some work)


    Hi everyone! Greetings from South America. It is nice to be here 🙂
    More about me here.

    D. Alex

    Hi all,

    My name is Davina, but I am more known as Daphne or Daffy. 😊
    I have an HR background and love to work with and interact with people.
    I’m glad to be here and look forward to working together!

    One of the sites, I have set up so far and am still editing is


    Hi, I’m Elisabetta, following this course I hope to develop my skills as a communicator and build my support philosophy.
    I’m a translator, web developer and cat lover… oh, and I like chocolate!
    just launched this site to share my life journey: (still starting it out, so a little empty for now).


    Hello everyone!

    Nice to meet you.

    My name is Robin, I am originally from Sweden and have been freelancing as a web & digital marketing consultant for the last 3 years and is now currently studying Ux Design through self paced courses. I love open source in general and wordpress in particular and is very much looking forward to be learning and developing together with you.

    On my sparetime I like to play tennis, cook, and is an avid appreciator of music & art in general. I also dont turn down chocolate in almost any situation.


    Hello, I’m Jhonatan from Colombia. I’ll be joining Spanish Team.
    I’m really excited to join this great family, I’m sure I will learn a lot from this course, from each one of my future colleages and also from my daily life working with our customers.
    Some of my favorite things in the world Coffee, ☕ Role playing games 🕹 and great conversations.
    I’m glad to meet you.

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