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    Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well. It’s nice to see you all. I am Afsana from India, working as a Customer Support Executive. I enjoy working with WordPress and giving back to the community. I do love volunteering in different ways.

    And I am here to learn more about customer support and effective communication with you all. It was needed and so glad to be here. 🙂

    Thank you Support Driven team, Automattic and Deborah for an amazing opportunity to grow together 🙂

    Here is the link to my page:-


    Hi everyone, I am Trang from Vietnam. I aspire to be a story-teller my site is in Vietnamese. I mostly find story works best in the young Vietnamese community with a sense of honoring past asthetics, past memories. I am interested in learning new ways to tell stories


    Hello everyone!
    I am Ravisha from india. I have been using WordPress for past 1year and my blog is
    Looking forward to learn customer support and working with you all.


    Hello everyone!

    I am Lorenzo, from Italy. I am a teacher and a freelance developer and sometimes I do some Copywriting since I like to write.
    This is my website:
    My Github:

    Nice to meet all of you!


    Hi everybody!

    My Name is Markus, I live in Austria. I have been working as an IT consulting with a focus on webdesign and digital marketing for the past ~10 years. Right now I am participating in the training for WordPress support agents.

    My business website is (it is written in German).


    Hello there

    My name is Sebastian Carreras, I am a computer engineer work at a university developing software and giving support. Also, Work as Spanish Support Agent at Automattic. I am looking to improve my support skill.

    Thanks for having me and nice to meet all.


    Hi everybody, My name is Aschna Lieveld.
    I live is Suriname and I’m a proud mom who loves to help others.
    Most of my life I have lived on a farm and I love animals.

    Here is the link to my page:
    (It needs some work)


    Hi everyone! Greetings from South America. It is nice to be here 🙂
    More about me here.

    D. Alex

    Hi all,

    My name is Davina, but I am more known as Daphne or Daffy. 😊
    I have an HR background and love to work with and interact with people.
    I’m glad to be here and look forward to working together!

    One of the sites, I have set up so far and am still editing is


    Hi, I’m Elisabetta, following this course I hope to develop my skills as a communicator and build my support philosophy.
    I’m a translator, web developer and cat lover… oh, and I like chocolate!
    just launched this site to share my life journey: (still starting it out, so a little empty for now).


    Hello everyone!

    Nice to meet you.

    My name is Robin, I am originally from Sweden and have been freelancing as a web & digital marketing consultant for the last 3 years and is now currently studying Ux Design through self paced courses. I love open source in general and wordpress in particular and is very much looking forward to be learning and developing together with you.

    On my sparetime I like to play tennis, cook, and is an avid appreciator of music & art in general. I also dont turn down chocolate in almost any situation.


    Hello, I’m Jhonatan from Colombia. I’ll be joining Spanish Team.
    I’m really excited to join this great family, I’m sure I will learn a lot from this course, from each one of my future colleages and also from my daily life working with our customers.
    Some of my favorite things in the world Coffee, ☕ Role playing games 🕹 and great conversations.
    I’m glad to meet you.


    Hi Everyone,

    I am Hassani from Algeria.
    As a developer or a consultant, I do love working with WordPress in general !
    Here is the link to my test site :

    I am happy to join this training with you all !


    Hello Everyone,

    I am Mehedi from Bangladesh. I have been doing freelance since 2011 and worked for over 15000 hours on Upwork. I usually do various kinds of tasks not limited but including website design & customization, integration of 3rd party application, do all kinds of workflow automation using tools like Zapier, IFTTT, and most importantly provide all kinds of technical support.

    Here is the link of my test site:

    I am super excited to be a part of your community.


    Hey, I’m Asif, a WordPress developer from Bangladesh, Dhaka. I’m a self-employed, freelancer. I’ve been working in the WordPress design & development field for nearly 7 years and made the switch to full-time web development about 5 years ago. I’m a WordPress addict 🙂

    I usually work on WordPress Theme, Plugin, Redux Framework, Divi, Rest API, Woocommerce, etc. Most of the time I like to work for Small Business websites so that they can easily manage and all their product using WordPress and Woocommerce.

    In my free time, I love to spend time on StackOverflow and solve various issues of WordPress. I’m happy to help anyone that has questions regarding WordPress or Woocommerce. Also, I love to travel and reading a book. One of a favorite book is “Power Of Your Subconscious Minds” By Joseph Murphy. I attended WordCamp Dhaka & WordCamp Kathmandu 2019.

    I like to think about my life and try to find out a few secrets that help me to succeed. From my 7 years of my experience, I always try to make sure a few things about with my clients that is Communication and Commitment.

    Glad to be here, and excited to join my dream company Automattic as a Happiness Contractor. I hope I can provide my best to this dynamic team.

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