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Hi Aleeda,

What I think is when chatting online, we would need to dig deeper and interpret the sentences and words they choose. Since we cannot physically talk to them so we need to “sense the tone”.
Like for example, a feeler would have more emotions in his tone(like concern or disappointment)
A thinker, on the other hand, could be more logical and curious in his query. He/she would want details about the process or how a product works.
An entertainer can seem more enthusiastic and maybe can have a whole story prepared on how he landed on the issue 😉
While a controller can be very direct in their question and knows what he/she wants.

there seems to be a clash between some of these clues, such as Thinkers and Controller use facts and data,

Thinkers are described as “Ask Oriented” so I think they would want to gather information about the process or product. While controllers “focuses on facts and data” as they are result-oriented and wants a quick solution.

Feelers and Thinkers tend to ask questions

Feelers “Asks others for their opinions” as they can be indecisive in nature and not sure of what should be done.
While I think, thinkers are “Ask-oriented” because they want to dig into the problem, collect more information to understand and not land into the problem again.

Entertainers and Controllers tend to use command instead of questions

It is mentioned that Entertainers and controllers use the direct fast-paced approach of communication as opposed to the indirect slow paced. I think this makes sense that they could be of a commanding or instructive in nature.

@Rose, It would be great if you could give us more insights on it. We can perceive better then. 🙂