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Hi again,

I can see some errors in the log file like “Error removing host “local-by-flywheel” and “error: [main/docker-create-machine] Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation” etc. But I don’t quite understand the reason behind it. This is new for me too. 🙂

You can do a search for “error” and you’ll get all the errors present in your log.

Also, When trying to uninstall did you also delete the files and folders associated with it.
If not, please try that.

Also check if firewell or any security is preventing it from starting.
You can check it on System Preferences » Security & Privacy.
Click on the “Allow” button if present.
Re-open Local.

You can also attach the log file in Local Community where you posted your issue. They might be able to help you better if they check the logs.

I am not sure if this would help but posting some of the links here which you can check and try out if anything works for you. I got these while searching about the errors.

Let me know if it helps!